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Getting your clients to stick around

Your last BD slice – shared in celebration of our 10th birthday – showed you how working with influencers can increase your chances of reaching potential clients. For your 9th slice, find out how to retain clients in the ever-changing world of marketing and business development. 
You may wish it were as simple as relying on the traditional client-firm relationship, but your clients now want to feel wanted. With competition only getting fiercer, you have to put client needs at the heart of your business to ensure they stick around.
“It’s more than just nurturing relationships. We need to be better at understanding our clients’ issues, being more proactive and anticipating their needs. If we can add value then clients are less likely to look elsewhere”.Mandy Reynolds, Director of Marketing at Stephens Scown
You don’t have to be sneaky or false to find out about your clients – in fact, that’s the worst way to go about it. Instead, consider hosting client feedback sessions and simply asking them what they want. This shows clients how important their thoughts are to you - whilst you learn how to keep them as clients. 
Going where your clients are (without becoming a stalker) also shows that your firm understands their needs. If your clients are on LinkedIn, your business should be too. If they’re attending sector-specific events, look at running some from your firm.
There are a number of other things your business can do to build long-term relationships from the outset. This includes qualifying your best opportunities according to budget, authority, need and time-frame. Our case study about PKF Francis Clark is a great example of how to achieve these goals.  
Your 10th and final BD slice will be posted next week - we’re looking forward to sharing it with you.

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