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How to bring your annual report to life via social media

By Jo Duncan

Annual reports require time and effort to produce. These key documents showcase your achievements and should help to attract investment. However, the audience of annual reports is often a small group of stakeholders. A great report deserves a wider audience. Here’s how you can do this via social media:
1. Select key data
Choose a small number of key data points and develop social visuals that show this. Social media posts vary in size, but 800 pixels squared is a good universal size for Facebook and Instagram. Creating simple, data-driven visuals in-house makes the report more digestible and easier to share online.
2. Tag relevant stakeholders
Your achievements were a team effort. Highlight the achievements of your employees and partners by tagging them in the social posts. This will spread the news wider, especially on networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter. Tagging improves the visibility of your report and helps to highlight important individual contributions.
3. Tell individual stories
Reports shouldn’t just be driven by data. Picking out individual successes and using 
pictures of the people involved brings your report to life. Pick out 3 case studies, and 
with their approval, use the images of key personnel to highlight the relevant points for your audience.
4. Improve sales leads with downloads
Host the report on your website. Use hyperlinks in your social posts to entice your audience to read the full piece. This enables social posts to drive traffic to a webpage, and the ensuing downloads can improve sales leads. You should add in a form to collect the data of interested parties so you can keep the conversation going. Stop thinking of your annual report as a dry, dusty document for the board only. Modern report writing should inspire, align with the company mission and be a talking piece for conversations online. Stuck with your current report? Get in touch with us, we’re ready to help.

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