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How to thrive after digital has shaken the foundations of marketing

To follow on with our 10th birthday celebrations, here's your latest BD slice (it's so much better than birthday cake). For your 3rd BD slice, we served up some answers to the challenges faced by multi-disciplinary firms. For your 4th BD slice, we are sharing insights into the continued dominance of digital marketing.
As well as increasing reach, tools such as social media make professional services firms personable. People are much more likely to approach you rather than a competitor who has little or no online presence.
The top two initiatives from law firms are increasing social media efforts and increasing marketing staff (source: LMA-Bloomberg Law).
Digital marketing is no longer a specialist area - it is something every marketer needs to know about to ensure their business survives.
If your digital skills are a bit shaky we offer a range of training courses and programmes that provide you with strong foundations, which will ensure your business prospers. We can also form part of your marketing and BD team, giving you experienced, additional digital resource without having to recruit. Find out how we’ve helped other firms here.

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