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How to wear all of your multi-disciplinary hats

This year is our 10th year as The BD Consultancy, so we are sharing 10 BD slices with you. These are focused on 10 themes relating the future of marketing and business development.

In last week’s BD slice, we discussed the shortage of talent in professional services and how to overcome this - to avoid the often-prickly recruitment process. This week, we’re continuing our 10th birthday celebrations with your 3rd serving… how running a multidisciplinary practice can often feel like hosting a Mad Hatter’s tea party.

Professional markets have become increasingly fragmented, with many firms now providing a range of services - rather than ‘just’ legal or financial.

“Can you imagine how much easier a deal would be for the client if everyone was more joined-up? There are huge opportunities here.” Mandy Reynolds, Director of Marketing at Stephens Scown
To solve the problem, firms need to make sure all aspects of business development and marketing are united, from people to processes and digital strategy. But unfortunately, this isn’t an easy task - it will take time and bold decisions to get everything just right.

There are also a number of tough questions that can leave your head spinning… should you consider expanding your business, merging with another firm, or becoming smaller and more niche? It’s hard to know what the right decision may be – and who should be making it.

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