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The robots are coming

You’re now halfway through our 10 BD slices, which we're sharing with you in celebration of our 10th birthday. Last week’s slice focused on the dominance of digital marketing. This week’s is about the impact of artificial intelligence, which allows firms to offer new services and also to market those services in fresh ways… 
New technologies are already improving efficiency, from marketing automation to publishing tools. Firms can now utilise advanced data and analytics to place finely tuned solutions right in front of new and existing clients. 
Firms are also embracing AI to offer services in fresh ways – often strengthening relationships and passing on savings to clients. The marketers who are able to cut through the tech speak to say loud and clear how this helps clients, will be a huge asset to modern firms.
“I would encourage firms to commit resource to building a map of the disrupters and start-ups looking to automate, apply algorithms, or somehow commoditise their client work”. - Holly Hull, Business Development and Marketing Manager at Berkeley Partnership
If you’re looking to find out more about introducing technology into your BD and marketing efforts - or to make the benefits of AI services clear - we’re happy to talk to you (or your robots). Please email us via, or tweet @BD_Consultancy to join the conversation. 

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