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Why not look up?

Recently, I had a rare night out in a beer garden with two good friends (let’s call them Tom and Hal to spare their blushes). Like many men of a certain age, we spent most of our socially distanced evening rambling about small things: the niggles of family life, work issues, quirks in our relationships… and then, when we decided to go home, we chose to walk.

Although it was further than we thought, and along a very dark country lane, the night sky was breath-taking. Tom wowed us with his knowledge of stars and planets, the scale of the universe, and the relative insignificance of Earth. It put things into perspective and we each felt better for it (the wine might have helped too).

The relevance to relationships is simply this: when we are at work and discussing details, we can lose perspective. Time and again, clients say they want that extra level of perception; they want us to have an appreciation of wider context.  

So, why not make a habit of looking up? After sending this, I’m going to look up from my computer to really engage and consider the purpose and implications of what we are doing. Will you join me?

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