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Why not 'but' out?

Walt Disney was famous for his “Yes, if...” response to questions - he’d think of what would need to happen for things to work, rather than reasons not to do those things. Look what he achieved; Disney is no Mickey Mouse outfit.

On the flip side, living in Bristol, I am often reminded of Vicky Pollard and her soul-destroying “Yeah, but, no, but” mantra. It's no secret that using the word “but” negates the positive that proceeds it. If you say, “I think that will work, but...”, the message received will be “I don’t think that will work”. Instead, separate the statements and end on a positive, or, best of all, re-frame the negative as a positive.

These sound like minor amends – and they are. They are minor amends which make a big difference. As we discussed last week, positivity counts in BD and relationship building is an art that takes time and has uncertain outcomes. Attitude matters when keeping momentum and persuading contacts.

In short, be more Disney and less Pollard.

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