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Why not stop sulking?

StoptoberSober OctoberMeat free Month; October seems to have cornered the market in stopping.  While our “Why not?” Wednesday tips usually endorse trying new things, for the next month we are going to share four habits that can be removed or reduced to free your time and energy.

First off, why not stop sulking? It’s tough being rejected and, in our experience, the fear of hearing “not you”, or “not now” is the main thing that prevents people from building relationships.

Yet, it took James Joyce nine years and 18 rejections before The Dubliners was published. The BeatlesChicken Soup for the SoulZen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance? Rejected, rejected, rejected.

When you next hear “No”, think first; “well done, I’ve been brave enough to ask”. Then, avoid sulking, and ask yourself; “should I persist, or should I be creative and approach this from a fresh angle next time?”.

“The best thing we can do with rejection is to make it a learning experience - rejection is a great teacher.” - Adena Friedman

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