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Providing leadership tutorials to a national professional services consultancy

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The need

  • We were working with a national professional services consultancy across a number of development areas.
  • Working alongside Marketing Director, we discussed the desire to help one member of the team improve their confidence and leadership skills as they stepped up into a more senior role, taking on a team management position for the first time.  

What we did

  • We worked with the director to determine the key challenges and example situations that would require the individual to demonstrate leadership. This allowed us to put the tutorials into a realistic business setting, using previously produced content and current scenarios as our base for applying the theory of communication and leadership skills. 
  • We then ran some 360 degree feedback, followed by a series of one-to-one, 90 minute tutorials:
  1. Introduction – understanding the basics, agreeing the areas for development 
  2. Personal Brand – how to build online brand and increase company profile (resulting in a complete personal brand action plan) 
  3. Leadership – Qualities and theory of persuasion, confidence and delegation 
  4. Objectives – creating SMART targets which help build confidence and profile 
  5. Time Management – Prioritising, targeted and agreed writing style 

The outcome

  • The use of personalised examples and tasks provided a realistic base for the change in behaviour from “worker” to “leader”.
  • The new team is now well established with a confident base of “go to” people for each task and department, with this individual as a recognised leader.
  • The individual's writing style and confidence have also improved, meaning the director can now confidently delegate projects (freeing up management time).