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Setting appointments for a marketing consultancy


Client: Pointlogic

Marketing Consultancy


We have worked with Pointlogic – a global marketing consultancy – setting appointments for their UK operation since September 2012.  They provide sophisticated modelling software to major advertisers to help them to improve marketing return on investment.

The results of our work together:

- 73 meetings - and increasing - with defined prospects such as Mars UK, McDonald’s, Lloyds Bank, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Kelloggs

- 5 opportunities to pitch for work, including with Three, McCain Foods and HSBC.

- A valuable database of 400-plus potential clients including contact names, mobile numbers and email addresses where available.

Tim Foley, UK Managing Director at Pointlogic says: “Many potential clients have complimented us on the way The BD Consultancy approached them.”




We help you identify and select the organisations that you are very well placed to help.

1. Deeper understanding: We achieved a deep understanding of Pointlogic through detailed briefings with senior people and analysis of their competitors and substitutes.  The fact that we focus only on services firms definitely helped to make this quicker and more accurate.

2. Not the usual suspects: We built a detailed profile of the people to contact – based on the usual things like job description and title, seniority and team size, but also from information held by trade organisations, industry events and press/media coverage.

3. Black book to die for: Using a blend of their contact base, connections on LinkedIn and our access to Companies House information we were able to build a very well-defined prospect list.

“We found their determination to genuinely understand how we work hugely reassuring. It showed they understood the importance of how we are represented in the market place and highlighted their focus on adding real long-term value.”


We help you create compelling content that positions your business in the eyes of the chosen market.

1. Stand-out copy: We wrote emails that took a fresh approach and packed punch to help them stand out. These were used in combination with case studies and presentations that we tailored for the recipient.

2. 123 engage: We ran campaigns that combined digital marketing, email marketing and telemarketing.  

3. Mobilise the fan base: We mention Pointlogic’s existing clients, endorsers and third party collaborators where we know the individual target has a connection from research on LinkedIn and other sources.

“We have a lot of solutions for different clients. They bring our solutions – and many of their suggestions – to life in a way that gets results”.


We open dialogue with the prospects that are now aware of your offering and the value you bring.

1. Intelligent Conversations: We created call flows to bring the messages in the traditional and email marketing to life and to manage objections, in a persuasive non-pushy way.

2. Personal Touch: We used our team that are focused on working for services businesses to call and email prospects, building rapport and adopting an individual approach with each contact.

3. Tenacity and focus: We made contact literally thousands of times on their behalf – making a volume of calls and focusing energy in a way that is simply not possible for someone to do themselves if they are also delivering a specialised and complex service or consultancy.

“I’ve tried this myself and know how difficult and frustrating it can be, so full credit to the team at The BD Consultancy who do it for us”.


We nurture prospects and arrange appointments and telephone calls with those who are ready to discuss things further.

1. Discipline: We have managed all pipeline activity using our online CRM system, SalesForce, and provided regular updates. We have maintained comprehensive notes on conversations with target individuals, gaining all relevant information.

2. Nurturing contacts:  The beauty of sustaining the same well-briefed team on the account is that conversations can be nurtured subtly to the point when it is the right time to arrange a meeting.

3. Pre-meeting intelligence: When meetings have been set up, we have appended to our notes useful background information about prospects and have supplied all this information in an easily digestible form.

“We’ve been impressed by their ability to nurture contacts. We’ve had some great meetings with people they’ve been chatting to for months. It shows they understand the importance of relationships in the service sector.”


We help you to secure and develop existing clients.

1. Successful sales meetings: Pointlogic are very capable of converting opportunities but they still welcome our advice and coaching about which approach to adopt and different paths they could take – bringing ideas from our training workshops and experience with leading global, national and regional businesses.

2. Account development:  We help with following up after the initial meeting and exploring new ways that they could help prospects.

3. Loop of learning:  At this stage we learn about the elements of the Pointlogic service and culture that clients value most and this then feeds into our work winning new clients – and the virtuous cycle continues.

“The level of work that we’ve won is great but equally pleasing is the large number of people I’ve met who are keen to keep in touch.”