Business development
for professionals


If you want to add more punch to your growth plans, we can help. The BD Consultancy is dedicated to helping professionals with their business development in three ways; we can improve your success by training and coaching your team, we can help with client service reviews and we can do some of the sales and marketing for you. It gives you time to focus on the bits where you have the most impact.

Coronavirus: Three BD options to reduce the impact on business

As coronavirus causes uncertainty across the globe, it is understandable that many people we speak with at the moment feel unclear about the impact on their work.   We are of course in no position to offer health advice, but we can definitely help you mitigate the impact on building relationships, winning work and hitting budgets.

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Driving profitable growth across markets, sectors and key clients. Many firms realise that their business development needs enhanced focus – but do not have the right person in place at the moment to plan and drive that activity.

We can help your people be more confident and active in developing business and building relationships. Select training workshops and coaching input which will be precisely tailored to ensure results.

Many firms realise that their business development would be greatly enhanced through workshops that helped people develop a more commercial mind-set and gave them the skills and techniques to build better relationships.

We offer an outsourced marketing, telemarketing and business development team who are ready to help.

It will give you:

  • Proven individuals ready to deliver results from day one.
  • Complete flexibility with no start-up or recruitment costs or delay.
  • Intelligence and insight from working with the world’s leading firms.

Does your firm have the lungs of a twenty year old triathlete or a seventy year old smoker?

Budgets for business development activities are limited, so most firms want to make sure they are in peak condition.

We can provide a very helpful audit of your business development activity. Another report, you say? Well, actually no. We will give you plenty of practical ideas and tips on how to take your business development to another level.

We can achieve all this through an intensive two-day project which involves: