Some have no training, many have a higgledy-piggledy mix of BD training on a random basis, but most smart firms are now working to create a robust BD training plan to help fee-earners be more focussed, confident and active.

If you want to

  1. Be sure
    Don’t guess. Ask people what they need, or what their teams need – or ask a trainer to spend time with them to work it out. Also, make sure the training is tailored perfectly for your firm.
  2. Be clear
    Have a clearly documented idea of what behaviours and results you want to see as a result of the training. Ensure the trainers know that this is how success will be measured.
  3. Be creative
    Don’t just think of 1 and 2 day courses. Mix it up to keep people engaged and ensure it fits well with their billable work. Consider shorter sessions, individual coaching and creating templates and guides to support the training.
  4. Be inclusive
    This is not just about training Partners. Give the message loud and clear that BD is central to working at your firm – and that you support it. Make the training a key part of induction and each level of promotion through the firm.
  5. Be serious
    A good plan, well executed, will have huge impact on your firm’s success. Ensure people know how important this is. Encourage senior management to show their support and don’t cut corners with costs.

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