To finish our series on key behaviours that drive client loyalty (including personal connection/chemistry and commerciality), we’re looking at the importance of proactivity.  

I’ll tell you a trainer’s secret… sometimes when I am explaining an idea or a tip to a lawyer or consultant, I have a little moment of thinking; “This really is a sound idea, I should do it myself!”.

One time this really hit me, I was working with people around goal setting. The tip was simply this; decide what is most important at the start of the day and do that first. Don’t let your agenda be dictated solely by how loud or urgent other people’s requests are.  

“Do what matters, now.” – Leo Babauta 

I appreciate this sounds simple, but I’ve met a lot of people who work hard all day simply reacting to people’s requests – and effectively kick their own most important things to tomorrow. Clients say they want more than reactive; they want advisers to initiate contact when they think it will benefit the client (not just as part of a sales campaign). Many of us know this, but put it off because we’ve run out of time, spreading ourselves too thin by just reacting.

This same tip will help you shake up your life a bit (if you want to), so it is you calling the shots, rather than just responding to others. Why not get fit, strike a better work / life balance, give more attention to a relationship… now I must go as I’m starting to get that feeling again that I should practice what I preach.

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