As we discussed last week, having a clear purpose at work is more important than ever. Once you’ve found out what you and your colleagues are looking for, helping to fulfil that purpose is key.

‘The Great Resignation’ has been hitting the headlines over the past few months, with 41% of employees looking to jump ship from their current roles. Why are so many people thinking of leaving – and how can we do better? 

Of course, the answer to this is huge and differs for everyone, but there are two common reasons:
1.    People aren’t happy with the way employers have treated them since the pandemic started. 
2.    People want to be working in their dream role.

With both points, now is a crucial time to act. For example, clear consultation and communication around returning to the office is a hot topic at the moment. Contacts at national firms tell us how contentious this can be – voicing a raft of feedback from ‘tiptoeing around’, to being dictatorial.

Where firms seem to be getting it right is when they listen then provide a clear map to returning, given with comfortable notice. McKinsey report that HR leaders want to put people back at the centre of policy. “What on earth was there before?!” you might ask… Well, an over-emphasis on process apparently. HR are keen to focus on engaging more directly and deeply with employees – and letting people “bring their whole person to work”.

I hope this is more than rhetoric and there is a significant tilt, or people will decide to take their whole person to work somewhere else.

“What we don’t need in the midst of struggle is shame for being human.” – Brene Brown

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