I was pleased to have been asked by Pete to share some thoughts with you over the next three weeks, on various aspects of developing referrals with clients.

Clients remember those that help them through challenging times and give them something that’s valuable. I’ve seen so many good examples of this throughout the pandemic in many forms. Today, I want to suggest helping a client by referring them to someone in your network who can really add value to them.

I like the Givers Gain® philosophy of the world’s largest networking referral organisation, Business Network International (BNI), which is very successful in increasing the flow of referrals. Too many referral relationships never get going because everyone is thinking about what they will get from it, instead of what you can give.

Do you have a contact who you rate highly, that provides a service your client could benefit from? 

  • Why not look for an opportunity to mention the good work this contact has done for you.
  • Ask your client if they would like an introduction to help them with an issue you know they are facing.

In addition to helping your client, the contact who you refer them to will really appreciate what you’ve done. 

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