Last week, we looked at how to be selectively proactive within our firms. This is even more critical when speaking with current and future clients.

Yes, clients say they want proactivity from advisers – but they are often time-poor, so how do we square the circle?

Three things will help:

  1. Be selective and considered about what is going to be valuable to your contacts, rather than tapping their door with every idea, regardless of relevance
  2. Be clear about how it will benefit the client. Is it going to make them rich or happy… will it help them save money, remove a concern or realise a goal?
  3. Shape the communication so it is proportionate with the benefit of the idea. If it is an embryonic idea or of marginal benefit – then a short email or note on LinkedIn will certainly be enough. If it is potentially a big benefit, then it’s time to pick up the phone, arrange a video call or jump in the car, train or plane.

So, next time you’re feeling proactive, be selective, be explicit about the benefit and choose the channel that merits the impact.

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