As the return to office life gains momentum, all ambitious firms will be asking tough questions (and will be turning to you, their marketing and BD leader, for the answers). Over the course of the summer, we’ll be helping you answer these questions and make any necessary changes. 

First up, the big question: should you meet face to face? Online or in-person depends on your dominant purpose:

  • Where you are hoping for personal interaction and new relationships, face-to-face meetings are best (of course this is dependent on restrictions).
  • When it is more about confirming existing plans, virtual engagement can be just as effective – and since it is cheaper and easier to attend, it should get the nod.

An easy way to remember this is: Interaction or New relationships = IN the room. 

It also depends on what your clients and contacts would prefer. So, next time you’re arranging a meeting, why not give the choice of meeting in-person or meeting online? 

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