“So, tell me what you do?” 

The classic opening line at any business networking event. Do you have a stock response that you trot out time after time?  

Being memorable for the right reasons is one of the key goals of any networking interaction. Having the flexibility to interpret the right time to introduce yourself in a way that meets expectations and creates the desired outcome is essential. 

Some would call it emotional intelligence. At the very least, it is the ability to choose the right moment to say the right thing. As no one answer will meet the requirements of every situation, you need a bank of introductions you can call on.

My suggestion is that you have at least three subcategories:

1. Serious/with gravitas.

2. Light-hearted

3. Sales orientated. 

Here are examples (by no means exhaustive) of the different ways I could introduce myself:


  • I provide tailored business development training and coaching to lawyers and accountants
  • I help professional people to add strategy to their business development activity
  • I help a wide variety of business professionals to arrange meetings with their target clients


  • I help solicitors and accountants to get off their backsides
  • Solicitors and accountants pay me to bully them
  • I help professionals to leave the office early

Direct sales approach

  • I help lawyers and accountants to get richer
  • I add strategy to business development initiatives to increase ROI
  • I help professionals to bring in more fee income in less time

Being able to confidently describe the value you bring to your target prospects in a short, pithy and memorable way is a core skill for any professional. A super-flexible approach combined with plenty of practice is a powerful recipe for success.

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