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Stephens Scown represent businesses of all sizes with strength across a range of sectors in the South West – food and drink, mining and minerals, renewables, agriculture, tourism. They also act for three of the dragons from TV’s Dragon’s Den.

They are now established as highly visible experts within the South West business community, but this has followed a targeted sector approach which Mandy introduced and has led over the last few years.

Having previously worked at a global accountancy firm, her ambition was to take a “big firm” quality and approach to help create a leading regional practice. Peers had recommended The BD Consultancy as being people who could help. Mandy and Peter and the team took the time to understand what was unique about Stephens Scown, engaging and connecting with those involved, to ensure it was delivering what was needed.

15 – 20 high potential fee-earners were then identified as those most likely to lead the new approach and they were invited to exclusive workshops to help them articulate why they’re the best in a particular sector – and how this benefits clients. The workshops were introduced by “Mission Impossible” style invitations on attendees’ desks, followed by an off-site meeting – encouraging a feeling of team-building and excitement for the chosen participants.

The workshops were hugely successful and have been repeated over the last four years. Each participant also receives a series of aide memoire booklets to help them keep day-to-day tips to hand and ensure the training becomes part of their on-going behavior, not just a one off.

In addition to the workshops, Mandy also identified individuals who needed help to improve their specific business development skills, from sector knowledge right through to presenting to large groups. In the last case, this bespoke training helped to support one individual to present on a global platform.

The BD Consultancy client service reviews for Stephens Scown have also played an important part of the client plan, as Mandy explains:

“We are focusing on client service and how we can improve. This encompasses a number of different aspects to get that external perspective, including some more in-depth client service reviews to dig a little deeper.

Some professional people are historically transaction focused – they need to think more holistically about the client, understand their business more, introduce colleagues who might be able to help them, take the time to stay in touch and really make an effort to build the relationship. When that change in focus might not come easily to someone, it’s important to be able to help them develop the right skills and The BD Consultancy has helped with that transition.

It’s also important to us as a marketing team to educate others on the benefits and demonstrate where we can add value.  By The BD Consultancy engaging with all partners and acting as an extension of the team, it has helped highlight the importance of understanding our clients, listening to their feedback and acting upon it going forward.”  

Mandy Reynolds, Director of Marketing

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