Why not do what matters now?

To finish our series on key behaviours that drive client loyalty (including personal connection/chemistry and commerciality), we’re looking at the importance of proactivity.…

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Why not let money talk?

Last week we looked at personal connection/chemistry; the first of three key behaviours that drives client loyalty. This week, we’re focussing…

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Why not protect your yolk?

Over the past two weeks we’ve looked at the importance of nurturing a loyal workforce and ensuring a loyal client base. This week, we’re…

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Why not go with the flow?

Following on from last week’s focus on putting your people first, we’re looking at the continuing evolution of your resource and…

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Why not adapt your plans?

Now we’ve covered the importance of engaging clients (and supporting colleagues) in new ways, let’s look at adapting our plans and strategies accordingly.  Whether…

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