Why not look to the future?

As we continue with the four ‘F’s of identifying prospective clients (starting with focus, fans and friends), we are looking to the future. In…

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Why not put your fans first?

Continuing this month’s theme of focusing relationship development (and following on from last week’s focus on… well, focus), we’re looking at…

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Why not make a plan?

During February, we will be sharing ideas based around the need to focus your business relationship efforts. Whenever we speak…

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Why not bend and stretch?

Following on from last week’s theme of social support, we’re looking at another pillar of resilience: flexibility. I struggle to sit…

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Why not create a village?

Continuing on from last week’s focus on the importance of resilience and purpose, we’re looking at how social support helps us…

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Why not remember why?

Last week we spoke about how important it is to keep getting up – especially at the moment. This week, we’re continuing…

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Why not focus?

To continue the theme of how you can shape your success when building relationships, this week we are looking at…

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