The need

Meritas needed to convey a complex message around new legislation – the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation in the EU. This will impact many member firms and their clients across Europe and globally, and Meritas wanted to position themselves as experts in this subject area who could help ease the transition before the May deadline.

What we did

After initial discussions with Quentin, we agreed that a short video animation would be the best route to explain this topic clearly and succinctly. We then drafted a brief, and a script, following various conversations between us, Quentin and Meritas’ data protection working group.

This involved various rewrites of complex legal descriptors, which we needed to simplify – whilst remaining accurate. We also spent time briefing the creative team to deliver the final result to ensure we met the objective. This included details from tone of voice over through to an effective call to action.

The outcome

The animation was delivered with some last minute changes before the end of January, allowing four months of communication time before the GDPR deadline of May 25th 2018. The final metrics will be uplift on contact to Meritas, the data protection group, and their member firms but we would also expect to see increased traffic to the GDPR page on the website as well as other social media uplift.

“The team had to take a complex legal issue and turn it into an animation that addressed the important issues but was also short and simple enough to retain the interest of an audience. We are very pleased with the outcome. Meritas’ Board of Directors, member firms and external commentators praised the quality of the animation, its educational value and its relevance. Oli was a pleasure to work with, he met the brief, kept to a tight deadline and dealt with all issues in timely and efficient manner. We would have no hesitation recommending him to other clients.”

Quentin Vaile

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