The need

Bevan Brittan, a UK Top-100 law firm, wanted to provide their employees with the tools to be confident in their use of social media, particularly on LinkedIn. While the firm was active in their digital marketing, this knowledge of social media (and associated etiquette) needed to be shared amongst all colleagues. They could then reflect this in their personal profiles, building awareness of their own expertise, as well as the firm’s profile.

The Business Development and Marketing team had identified that different colleagues had varying levels of usage and understanding, so they needed a training programme that was not “one size fits all”, but covered all levels to build confidence online, with firm specific examples.  Recognising the importance of SRA guidelines, this was also a key area of focus to be included and clearly communicated.

What we did

To ensure the sessions were targeted, and in line with the firm’s social media policy, we carried out a thorough audit of all delegates’ profiles beforehand. This allowed us to prioritise the areas for focus during the workshops and ensure the content was tailored to the learning needs and objectives of each group.  The training was divided into four different levels:

Basic: Those with less social media experience, to build their confidence and encourage regular usage of LinkedIn, and grow connections

Advanced: Those with experience of utilising social media but looking to enhance their capabilities and build their online presence

Markets: Bespoke sessions on supporting the firm’s position in its chosen target market groups, such as higher education and healthcare

Ambassadors: Bespoke session for advanced and key individuals (e.g. Senior Partners) to help others convey firm messages (included follow up 121’s)

We also recorded a stand alone video for new starters, and provided supporting PDF slides after each workshop.

The outcome

Almost 400 lawyers and business support staff were trained, and the number of firm followers increased. The feedback was rated as either excellent or good in key areas, and demonstrated confidence in the practicalities of using LinkedIn. Detailed analysis of individual profiles is ongoing.

 “Thank you for spending the time with our team to get this just right. We now know that everyone across the firm is able to use social media effectively, to support the wider Bevan Brittan business development and marketing strategy. The trainer’s delivery and the content used was pitched in just the right way.”

Tim Bartlett, Business Development and Marketing Director, Bevan Brittan

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