FTI Consulting were keen to implement a more coherent client development strategy as well as a keener business development focus within the London office. We worked in partnership with the business to introduce a key account programme and to sharpen core business development skills by:

  • introducing a method for the analysis and management of key accounts by establishing best practice templates and process
  • providing an objective independent voice within the company at key business development meetings
  • delivering a series of short training courses covering core business development skills – each tailored to fit the scenarios and culture in FTI Consulting
  • conducting a series of individual coaching workshops for the UK’s current and future leadership team (senior consultant to Managing Director level)
  • producing reference guides to support the training and coaching

Within six months there was a dramatic improvement within FTI Consulting. They enjoyed a higher degree of focus and clarity about who their key clients were and how they could best serve them. This coupled with the increased business development confidence and competence from the senior management team resulted in a boost in activity translated into results.

The firm saw a 30% uplift in senior interactions with key account firms (with existing and new contacts) and, critically, there has been a tangible increase in cross-practice area collaboration in terms of the planning and execution of key account touchpoints.

“We have been delighted with the results we have seen from our work with The BD Consultancy and our development of a robust and effective key account framework. The benefits we have seen from Peter Kane’s involvement, and the focused way we have reviewed and developed our activity in this area, extend beyond fulfilling our original objectives. First and foremost we required discipline, consistency and confidence in our approach to business development. However, through the added confidence and understanding we have established in our senior people, we have achieved an unprecedented level of appetite and ownership for key account development within the firm which will undoubtedly underpin further success in this field going forward.

Peter Kane has given us the tools, and instilled in us the energy, to take our key account programme and other BD activity from being a marketing-owned, necessary ‘evil’, to being a fundamental part of developing our business which everyone has a stake in.

Peter has a lively and very down to earth approach to his work which means he is able to build a strong rapport with people at all levels. In turn this creates trust and engagement which is key when developing people and drawing them outside of their comfort zones.”

Amy Kingdon, Marketing Director at FTI

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