The need

The Berkeley Partnership provide international management consultancy services from their offices in London and New York. Due to the shift in working environments caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the firm needed a remote training solution that included pointers on how to adapt to the new normal. The team were already fairly comfortable with video calls – due to the global nature of their work -, however they wanted to improve on this to ensure they were able to continue delivering to clients.

What we did

We provided several two-hour chunks of training via video calling software. To ensure we kept on track of time, we followed a tightly, pre-defined agenda. We also created a WhatsApp group as a separate channel for other comms.

The training content that we created involved various activities, including:

  • live client meeting role plays with business actors
  • how to have impact through a webcam
  • sharpening up approaches to questioning.

The tech worked beautifully to create a really useful experience for all. We were able to share our screen, so attendees could view slides alongside live video and audio. We also set up breakout rooms which allowed us to divide attendees into groups. As the meeting hosts, we were able to move between the rooms and monitor activities.

The outcome

The sessions enabled attendees to model the behaviour that they promote as being core to their business; how they adapt and use tech to deliver high-quality projects to their clients. The Berkeley Partnership learned how to respond quickly during these exceptional times, so they can continue to connect with, understand and support clients – even when working from home. The session worked better than anticipated and everyone was engaged, even more so than they usually are in a physical room. The firm has now booked future remote learning sessions with throughout 2020

Quote from client:

“Brilliant. Why have we not done this before?”

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