The need

  • Hydrock is a multi-disciplinary engineering design consultancy.
  • Working alongside Marketing Director, Graham Munday, we discussed the desire to help the team improve and better understand the art of business copywriting and editing.

What we did

  • We worked with Graham to determine the best examples and scenarios for a series of 5 workshops. This allowed us to put the tutorials into a realistic business setting, using previously produced content.
  • We then ran the one-to-one, 60 minute tutorials which covered the mechanics of copywriting:
  • Introduction – understanding the basics, what do we need to know before we begin
  • Messaging – how to ensure accuracy of key information and delivering it effectively, identifying features and benefits
  • Outcomes – translating objectives into effective and engaging copywriting, headlines & images
  • Editing – making sure your copy is precise and on message, with confidence in results
  • Evaluation – understanding the business context, reviewing results and making changes

The outcome

  • The use of personalised examples and tasks provided a sustained and effective change in Hydrock’s working style.
  • This change has created confidence across the Hydrock team’s writing and has ensured their communication is clearer and more compelling.
  • Individuals are now able to deliver effective messaging and news stories that make a compelling case for why a client should choose Hydrock.
  • Ultimately, this has improved internal and external messaging, boosting stakeholder relationships.

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