The need:

Our client had gained an opportunity to tender for business with a multinational energy corporation; ranked the third biggest company in the world and with one of the largest legal spends globally. The challenge was to ensure that the partners concerned were fully prepared to secure the contract.

Although some of the partners were sceptical of the need for training in this situation, we quickly found that there was no consistent view around how to approach the meeting or its structure and objectives. There were also clear knowledge gaps in the team which needed to be addressed.

What we did:

  • Understanding: We met with the client to fully understand the challenges and motivations around this particular pitch and tender process. By identifying these, we planned how to present the business and prepare all involved with the necessary information.
  • Addressing: As the next step, we ensured that the partners were fully briefed on the relevant areas of the energy corporation and how this related to their own corresponding areas of expertise. We identified all the possible queries, needs and objections to be considered in advance.
  • Refining: Through a series of detailed rehearsals and role plays, we ensured that everyone involved in the process was fully prepared for the key meeting and practiced in addressing any possible issues that might occur during the discussion. The structure of the meeting and who would address the anticipated questions were also carefully planned.

The outcome:

Following the workshop, the client attended the pitch meeting and was notified shortly afterwards that they had been successful in winning the tender. This has resulted in a significant long term contract with a global corporation.

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