The need

A boutique law firm specialising in media and the creative industries were ambitious to help their cohort of more experienced solicitors on their journey towards partnership, for the future health and sustainability of the business, and for retention.

What we did

Created a programme labelled ‘Path to Partnership’ to prepare experienced solicitors for the journey towards partnership.

The programme was made up of four workshops.

  • Business development strategy and networking
  • Communicating your value through client relationship management and self presentation
  • Managing your practice; internal focus on time and people management
  • Preparing a persuasive business case to put in front of the Partners 

The outcome

Senior associates built their business skill set outside their technical expertise, and in turn put them on the path towards partnership. Over 50% of the Associates trained have already made Partner since the workshops, and others have become legal directors.

Utilising their own documenting benchmarks, the firm was able to quantify the success of the workshops through measurable criterions.

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