The need:

The client identified that increased cohesion and confidence in terms of business development activity and pitching by Partners would have a tangible impact on profit. The goal, through training, targeted coaching and workshops, was to enable Partners to improve pitch win percentage.

What we did:

A fresh approach:

Bite-size group sessions plus individual coaching – short 2.5 to 3.5 hour workshops so that Partners did not lose a day of chargeable time. This improved attendance and also focus whilst attending – and Partners were encouraged to think of business development as an intrinsic part of their working day rather than something distinct and foreign. The coaching allowed individuals to talk openly about their challenges, strengths and weaknesses and ensured that the training was practical and immediately embedded.


It was critical that the training was directly relevant to the client’s unique culture and approach, that it supported existing methods which they endorsed and that it directly addressed the scenarios the Partners faced. To achieve that, two Course Directors were appointed to spend time with the Leadership and Business Development teams, plus a selection of attendees – to design the workshops. This not only ensured the relevance of the content but also, provided evidence that the course was carefully tailored, and helped to win the hearts and minds of delegates.


There were a number of ways that we ensured that the training stood out on a daily basis and improved recall:

  • Video role-play: We recorded and analysed individual Partner performance in a typical sales situation.
  • Direct client input: We invited select clients to input on the workshops through robust criticism which provided provocation and a catalyst for change.
  • Use of actors: We worked with business actors who are very well briefed to provide challenge in role-play situations.
  • On-going internal coaching: We have provided ‘Train the coach’ workshops for the BD and Leadership Teams to help them embed the new behaviours.

The outcome:

Having provided bespoke coaching to a total of 85 Partners over an eleven month period, the client saw a 45% improvement in their pitch win percentage.

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