The need

  • LAC are specialist providers of Information Management, Knowledge Management, Library and Research services. They give flexible and on-demand solutions for clients, seeking to make the most out of an increasing flood of information.
  • Eleanor Windsor is their UK Vice President and is very experienced in the field, having worked in house at Osborne Clarke, and then Integreon. She identified she would not have time to set appointments but needed to be out talking to prospects about new business.

What we did

Since 2017, we have targeted the top 200 law firms in the UK through a variety of channels to arrange meetings for LAC, in order to:

  • Secure new work streams in the UK, with a target of between 3 and 5 new clients
  • Deliver the work in a cost effective manner, with clear communications and reporting
  • Follow up on any outstanding needs from prospects

The outcome

  • We have made hundreds of calls over the campaign to date, recording correct contact details, responsibilities and any renewal dates or other relevant information
  • We have held conversations with 300 decision makers and secured around 30 meetings
  • LAC has acquired 5 new UK clients as a direct result of our introductions

“Since I started working with The BD Consultancy, our diaries filled up quickly and I met with a number of new prospects – all of which were of the right level and decision making capacity. BD Consultancy have worked closely with me and my team to determine priorities and identify those people most likely to be interested in our services. They’ve also been very understanding of the need to manage our time and have set a number of meetings in one day in a key location. We frequently review progress and I view them very much as part of the LAC team.”

Eleanor Windsor

Who we work with

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