Leading Marketing Services Consultancy Occam DM, who are part of the St Ives Group, needed a way of getting into the biggest companies.

They realised that, to reach key people in the types of organisations that need their sophisticated ‘data marketing solutions’, targeted, thoughtful telemarketing was the best approach.

They also knew that this route, while effective, was labour intensive. They could not afford to tie up business development staff in this time consuming work. So they looked for an external provider to carry out the work, and were introduced to The BD Consultancy.

How did it work?

After full and thorough briefing and exchange of information, The BD Consultancy was appointed to generate meetings with key decision makers involved in using data solutions within identified target companies.

After agreeing specific success measures, The BD Consultancy built a contact list of prospects using a combination of bought data provided by Occam and publicly available information.

The BD Consultancy then created a tailored ‘call flow’ addressing the topics of potential interest to prospects based on industry sectors, suggestions on how to handle objections and a series of questions to ask to establish ‘intelligence’ that would be useful in later conversations.

Working together to make the campaign successful

The BD Consultancy worked closely with the Occam marketing and business development team, who provided detailed case studies, website visitor tracking information and respondent feedback from events that Occam attended.

Prospects were called in a series of campaigns to arrange meetings with individuals who had the means, need and authority to make purchasing decisions. Meetings were arranged with prospects as varied as: Ford, B&Q Plc, Barclays PLC, Chelsea FC, Lloyds Bank, Virgin Money and The Royal Mint.

The BD Consultancy called as representatives of Occam, using their own knowledge of industry sectors as diverse as financial services, utilities, marketing and media and charities. The team were given access to remote emails and the authority to arrange appointments through access to the Occam team diaries.

“The BD Consultancy work in a tenacious, disciplined and professional manner. Their team helped us gain access to the right people often in organisations that seemed impenetrable. They quickly understood the complexities of our market place – being able to understand and employ technical jargon with experts. They made a real impact from day one. This allowed my team to focus on other priorities of attending meetings and following up with detailed proposals.”

Dan Telling

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