In your first meeting with a prospective client it is likely that you will have:

  • Built rapport
  • Learnt about their business
  • Established your firm’s credibility, and…
  • Gained permission to keep in touch

It is possible, but extremely unlikely, that you will have secured business. It is therefore fundamentally important that you use the rapport that you have built, and the intelligence you have gained, as a way of keeping in touch and continuing to build upon that early credibility until a need arises. Immediate actions should be: 

1. Send a courtesy email within one day. Do not be tempted to wait for actions/notes to be completed as this will often delay things to the point where the courtesy note is forgotten. Thank them for their time and briefly confirm agreed actions.

2. Update your CRM system with the activities and actions as required.

3. Type up your meeting notes and circulate internally to all relevant parties.

4. Implement all actions that need to be addressed as a result of the meeting. Be absolutely clear if there are any actions for colleagues – what is expected, when.

5. Ensure actions are delivered and any potential opportunities are pursued.

6. Keep in touch through invitations; sharing useful information and following news and updates from the prospective client.

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