I stepped off the tube at Bank Station on Tuesday and thought of 2 things:

1. That I’m hot. (Not, I’m afraid, a Bradley Cooper or even Scarlett Johannsen hot – more a “middle-aged man in a suit on the tube on the hottest day of the year” hot).

2. Oswald Laurence.

You may not know Oswald, but you may have heard him. He made one of the original “Mind the Gap” recordings – the iconic polite but firm instruction heard at tube stations throughout London.

Oswald’s widow used to visit Embankment station to listen to her sweetheart’s voice – and was saddened when it was recently replaced by a digital recording. She asked Transport for London if they would share a copy of the recording – and touched by the reason given – they agreed to re-instate Oswald’s voice.

And the relevance?

What on earth, or even under it – has this got to do with winning new business? Has Peter caught a bit too much sun this week?

It simply started us thinking … a lot of the projects where we have helped clients recently have been plugging gaps – when someone has been in a role but is now;

  • On parental leave
  • On sabbatical
  • Has been promoted or left

Firms are realising that there is an alternative to stopping activity or rushing through a round of recruitment.

The first can give a hugely negative message that the work being done was not crucial – while the latter can leave people settling for the expensive mistake of rushing to recruit the best available – rather than the best.

So, our experience suggests, you should at least mull the option of some interim help. If you don’t, you could lose a lot more than a shoe or loose change in the gap – you could lose your shirt.

Please contact me if you see a gap approaching and would like to discuss options: Peter@thebdconsultancy.com or click here to explore how an outsourced team could work… 

Did this really happen?

To read the story, click here.  What are you talking about? To hear the announcement (from Peter Lodge) click here

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