I am always surprised at how few professionals take the time to write or complete their own LinkedIn profile summary wording. Surely this is the perfect place to give a short and succinct summary of why people should do business with you?

And therein lies the problem.

It’s not that professionals don’t have plenty of qualities and skills to showcase their value. The issue is that they are often reluctant to commit them to writing, let alone ‘broadcast’ them for fear of being labelled self-centred or ‘salesy’.

I have found a surprisingly effective method of overcoming this impasse.

I was recently involved in the preparation of a radio advertisement for a professional services firm. It was a precondition that the advert could not be more than 30 seconds in length. This limited timeframe resulted in a more disciplined approach to describing the strengths and benefits of this part of the business. A sharper and more focused statement was the outcome.

Now try this for yourself. Write a radio advertisement of the same length highlighting how your skills and expertise are relevant and uniquely able to solve a client’s or customer’s problems. My advice is to have fun with the first version – go over the top and ask a colleague to read it out loud. Use flowery and emotional language and really sell your skills. Remember it should take no more than 30 seconds to read.

From then on, begin to hone the wording into a form that you feel more comfortable with. But don’t make it too sanitized. Some form of warmth and emotional connection is important.

When conducting LinkedIn training, I always impress the importance of hearing the individual ‘voice’ and personality of the person whose profile I am reading. The radio advert is a perfect place to hear that voice.

Have a go. What do you have to lose? If nothing else it will allow you to give some thought to how you describe yourself to a business audience.

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