Does your firm have the lungs of a twenty year old triathlete or a seventy year old smoker?

Budgets for business development activities are limited, so most firms want to make sure they are in peak condition.

We can provide a very helpful audit of your business development activity. Another report, you say? Well, actually no. We will give you plenty of practical ideas and tips on how to take your business development to another level.

We can achieve all this through an intensive two-day project which involves:

  • Assessing how your team are currently spending their business development time. What is it designed to achieve? What do you do, how does it work, how is it measured – what are the frustrations? We’ll also examine your internal processes and marketing materials.
  • Gaining feedback from your clients. What’s their impression of what you do/provide for them and how does it compare with any other firms they instruct?
  • Pinpointing areas of weakness in your current activities, we will give you a robust, well-researched map to set you on the path to full health.

Between us, we’ve worked with firms of all types and sizes, from Magic Circle to sole practitioner and everything in between. This experience has given us valuable insight into best-in-class business development. We can determine what works well and what doesn’t and from conversations with clients, we can also tell you what their expectations are.

It’s time to stop worrying, stop guessing and find out.

Great value; guaranteed

You will receive all of the above for £1500 and it is totally guaranteed. So if you have any quibble about the value you receive, you pay zero.

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