Written by Finn Southwell

Summer is finally in full swing, despite this temperamental weather suggesting otherwise. Our newfound freedom is helping many of us start to feel happy and open to (re)connecting with those around us. This is great for the party animals – and for re-strengthening your network. A few moments spent kicking back in a couple of deck chairs is all it takes to get chatting with someone, whether they’re new to you, or a long-lost friend.

My challenge to you is this; find out something you didn’t already know from the next person you speak with. Whether it’s a fact, outlook, or personal anecdote, ask about something new (and try to remember it!). You’ll likely find some common ground to build a relationship and you may even enrich your understanding of the world.

On a more cautious note, it’s also important to remember that many of those around us are not yet be comfortable with in-person contact. Don’t let them slip away! Everyone wants to be involved, even if from afar, so try and plan your events to keep those at home up to date. You could even run virtual quizzes reminiscent of the early lockdown days. You might not be able to face another video call, but it’s important to remember that people still want a chat, so find a way that works for everyone involved.

However you approach it, regular contact means that when the world finally goes back to ‘normal’ everyone will be excited and ready to increase connections and share new ideas, in-person or online. The boom is coming – make sure you’re ready.

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