The background

Law firms are increasingly aware of the necessity to handle all interactions with prospects and clients properly.  It is crucial to achieve this so that, at every stage of the client journey, the client feels valued by the firm.  Professional firms are recognising that every new prospective client enquiry must be managed with great care – at the risk of losing business to competitors if not done so. Managed correctly, the way in which telephone enquiries are handled can showcase the positive elements of a firm’s brand, whilst adding to the bottom line.

The need

Our client is a well-respected, large provincial law firm.  They commissioned The BD Consultancy to conduct an outsourced telephone ‘mystery shopper exercise’. From this work we discovered that inbound telephone enquiries were not being followed up by fee earners efficiently. The study also brought to light other administrative and processing problems. Identification of these failings demonstrated the need to improve the skills of and boost the confidence of support staff when handling telephone enquiries and, more importantly, gaining commitment from prospects.

What we did

We created a training session where attendees learnt in a positive and reassuring atmosphere. This enabled discussion on existing shortcomings and guidance on how to implement best practice for handling telephone enquiries. The two-hour workshop incorporated tailored group learning exercises and roleplays which were designed to strengthen skills including building rapport, highlighting firm values and dealing with objections.

The outcome

Feedback after the session showed that delegates were delighted to have been given the opportunity to voice concerns. They appreciated the opportunity to learn new, practical skills which were easily transferable to the workplace. The workshop resulted in the implementation of a detailed office-wide telephone answering action plan, putting into practice lessons learnt during the course.

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