It is no surprise how much spreadsheets feature in almost every firm and office, as they are jam-packed full of great functionalities that help with almost every aspect of running a business. From keeping track of client records, to managing finances, it is likely that you have to use spreadsheets fairly regularly at work.  

Despite their prominence, spreadsheets often make people come out in a cold sweat. But you don’t need to worry any more, we are here to help!  

In honour of International Spreadsheet Day (celebrated to honour the launch of VisiCalc in 1979), we have pulled together three of our team’s favourite tips to help you out when using Microsoft Excel*. 

1. How to start a new line within one cell

How great would it be to start new lines within one cell, rather than having to a) have loads of text in one cell, or b) add text into a new cell for every new paragraph?

Guess what?

You can!  

To do this, hold down the ALT and return keys in the cell you wish to start a new line in… et voilà – it really is that easy.

2. How to copy and paste several cells into one cell

Now you know how to start new lines within an individual cell, you are probably thinking of all the spreadsheets you need to edit.

To speed up this process, you can copy and paste multiple cells into one cell by following these simple steps:   

1. Select all cells that you want to copy, click copy 

2. Paste it as text only in a Word doc and copy again

3. Then, back in Excel, select the one cell you want to put the text in, double click on it and press CTRL + V

3.  View two sheets within the same doc side by side

To save you having to navigate between two sheets within the same spreadsheet doc, our third and final tip shows you how to view two sheets side by side.  

1. Once you’ve opened the relevant spreadsheet, go to the ‘View’ tab

2. Select ‘New Window’

3. Next, select ‘Arrange All’

4. Click ‘Vertical’  

We hope these tips are useful and help you to ‘excel’ at spreadsheet management. We would love to hear about other useful tips, so please do get in touch with your favourites by tweeting us @BD_Consultancy

And remember – what do humans and spreadsheets have in common?  

They’re all made of cells. 

*as always, other products are available! 

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