To celebrate our 10th birthday, instead of sending you a slice of birthday cake, we are posting 10 key ‘BD slices’ surrounding our research into the future of business development and marketing…

Last week we looked at the challenge of measuring online returns (click here for a refresher). This week we are discussing how you can combat one of the biggest threats firms now face; a shortage of top talent. This isn’t just about lawyers and accountants anymore. As the need for marketing all-rounders increases, firms can be left feeling stumped.

34% of professional services firms highlighted a shortage of top talent as one of their biggest threats (source: Hinge Marketing).

Firms now need marketing and BD people who speak their language. They need experts who can transform lengthy technical essays into punchy PR articles, with a range of talent on-tap to help create everything – from videos, to social posts.

Organisations don’t always have the budget to employ a comprehensive marketing team that covers all the bases, from digital staff to client relationship experts. Luckily, there are other options. Outsourcing or interim positions are useful ways of pulling in specialists when needed, without the hassle of having to recruit a permanent, in-house team.“I do think that we need to be careful not to forget the general marketer who… has the skills to identify what is needed and pull in the specialists when needed.” – Mandy Reynolds, Director of Marketing at Stephens Scown Whether you need an entire marketing team, or an addition to your existing team, we can help provide a flexible solution that works for you. Simply email us via, or get in touch via our contact page to find out more.

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