As we transition into this hybrid economy, we are met by a number of new challenges. Despite no-one having direct experience in how to act in these changed circumstances, there is clear and pent-up demand for results from BD and marketing departments. Just as the current European football managers are ensuring their team are prepared for their games, it is crucial that our BD and marketing teams are also match fit.

Training: helping your people be more confident in developing business

For some, one of the biggest challenges post-Covid has been a knock in team confidence. After 18 months of working from home, it isn’t surprising that there has been a change in communication styles. Right now, many clients are demanding more focus, understanding and relevance. Leor Franks of Kinsley Napley told Briefing that “with the world turned upside down, during the first few months of lockdown many clients expected timelines to slip and deliverables to be delayed. As the ‘new normal’ emerged over the past six months, however, expectations have risen back to pre-pandemic levels”.

Skills transfer and knowledge sharing is a definitive way to develop the intra-personal skills of your team. By working with external training providers, you can support and develop your team to ensure their personal impact is in the best possible condition for the months (and years) ahead.

Bishop Fleming addressed this issue early on in the pandemic. Despite the new, low contact economy, they wanted to ensure their senior accountants continued to work to develop new relationships, adapting to the new setting.

Training options include mind-set coaching, one-to-one mentoring, and business engagement workshops.

Resource: providing a helping hand to drive activity

While outsourcing may not seem to be the first option when ensuring your team are match fit for the hybrid playing field, it is, in fact, crucial in delivering top results. Bringing in external consultants and specialists will help take things off your team’s plate, while also expanding the potential of what the department can deliver – all while mitigating additional recruitment costs. Outsourcing, particularly for the more niche areas of BD and marketing, is a sensible choice in these current times, providing quick, non-committal results in getting your team back on their feet. Combining this with long-term training is the Blended BD solution for all marketing and BD departments across professional services.

One full-service law firm, for example, were looking to develop a new website that better represented them. Despite a large BD team, they had no specialised copywriters, and, as they were emerging into a hybrid economy and client engagement pressures rose, training the team in copywriting seemed illogical. Bringing in a consultant who specialised in content creation allowed the team to focus on BD and marketing, knowing that their website messaging was in good hands.

As business development teams and leaders are under increasing pressure to perform above and beyond pre-Covid levels, outlining a clear plan with outsourced assistance is a sure-fire way to achieve results and boost your team’s skills.

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