Flexi-working has become a regular element of working life since Covid forced us all to work from home. The option to work where suits you has revolutionised the world’s attitude to working. At The BD Consultancy, a flexible working culture has been in our DNA since our founding in 2008. On top of the now common home/office flexi-working, we have also considered wider flexibility around working days; acknowledging family commitments, studying, and the importance of down time.

We chatted with the BD team, to see how our working culture has uniquely benefitted each of them.

Caitlin Roxburgh, Senior Direct and Digital Marketing Executive

“Working at TBDC has allowed me to create a healthy work/life balance without hindering my professional development. So many companies only offer flexible working to parents, but everyone is treated equally at TBDC and we all have the same opportunities. For instance, the company’s flexibility has enabled me to study for a Masters, something that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve as easily if I had to work full time.”

“The flexible working is what attracted me to TBDC in the first place.  My return to work after a long break due to children would only work if it fitted around the children and their routines.  TBDC enabled me to return to work, in a relaxed supportive way as they understood this.  That said, I now think I enjoy work more than being at home with the kids…”.

Cari Maggs
Cari Maggs, BD Support Manager
Claire Fowler
Claire Fowler, Director of Communications

“I joined TBDC when I was looking for a more flexible role and employer that still provided a fulfilling career option and this has certainly proved to be the case. Not only is the business flexible around working hours and important dates, but there is a clear prioritisation of family and personal well-being, which leads to a more inclusive, relaxed and enjoyable workplace. I have never felt awkward about asking to make changes, work from home or having to leave at a set time. Everyone continues to work very hard and we’re all dedicated to getting the job done, so there is no negative impact on productivity, only a positive one on culture, which I would highly recommend!”

“Every professional person needs to ringfence their non-working time, in order to maintain a successful work/life balance. Our flexible working culture allows me to do just that and prioritise effectively in a busy working day. Off to yoga!”

David Bittiner, Associate Director & Interim BD Consultant
Jon Man, Lead Generation Consultant

“Having worked at The BD Consultancy for almost 8 years, I can say that the flexible working culture is excellent and the company ensures that staff welfare is priority. As a single parent, there are often times when childcare emergencies arise that cannot be avoided and The BD Consultancy has always been flexible to accommodate this, especially during school holidays.

The BD Consultancy fosters a strong flexible working ethic that allows for employees to work from home or the office, which breaks up the monotony of working from a single location at all times, allowing for a good work life balance.”

“Working on a flexible schedule meant having the balance to focus on my work, university, and personal commitments. There was a sense of security knowing that I could reprioritize tasks to a certain extent with the support of my employer. In the end, I felt fulfilled, highly committed to my work obligations and I was able to remain a loyal employee for a longer period of time.”

Kaitlyn Perotta, Former Marketing Assistant
Neil Dymond
Neil Dymond, Head of Marketing Services

“At a personal level: The most important, amazing and joyous aspect of my life is being a father. During the initial five years of working for TBDC, while Daisy and Dan were still at school, the ‘family first’ approach that Pete created in the business, allowed me to work flexibly so I could get them there, and pick them up, on the days they stayed with me, and catch up on the hours I missed on the days when they stayed with their mum. This extended to being able to ‘be there’ for one-off, significant, life events like sports days, parents’ evenings and appointments. These are things that many working parents, dads in particular, cannot do. I know this from earlier roles where this ‘flexibility’ was thought ‘inconsistent with my position and responsibilities’. [As a footnote, when the RPZ was introduced, Pete kindly agreed to fund a paid for parking space so I didn’t have a 40 minute walk to work at the start or end of my 90 minute commute.]

At a business level: Not only has the ‘family first’ approach been a boon for us all, it has also unlocked access, and enabled us, to employ adaptable, enthusiastic and talented people – from the most diverse of backgrounds – that we may not have been able to secure the services of with a rigid ‘9 to 5’ culture. Each of these people have contributed, in their different ways, to growing the business, the range of services we provide and the success we deliver to our clients.”

“Flexibility is something that’s been important to us from Day 1 – as it seems the fair thing to do, giving employees freedom and removing some of the stress around diary conflicts, giving a chance to some people who might otherwise be excluded from good jobs.  For that reason, it also seemed to – and has proved to – make business sense.  We have definitely benefitted from being able to work with excellent people who were being overlooked by employers with more rigid expectations.

There’s another reason – and it’s a very personal one, I want the freedom and flexibility myself – to be with my children at both happy and sad times and to choose how I work, sometimes doing twelve hours one day and four the next might work for me.   Sometimes a very traditional pattern works for people but I think even then, it is important that people know that is their choice to make.”

Peter Kane
Peter Kane, Founder and Managing Director
Susie Emerton, Direct and Digital Marketing Executive

“As a new employee, working from home was more daunting for me than most. The flexible working culture at The BD Consultancy has allowed me to go into the office as and when it suits me, allowing me to break up my week and get out of the house. This has also allowed me to meet my teammates in person … video conferencing doesn’t always leave much room for proper bonding.”

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