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Do you have things on your plate that you just don’t find time to do? We’ve done your job ourselves so we know how hard it is. So why not try our “BD on Tap” approach.

Interim Support

We can help with driving profitable growth across markets, sectors and key clients. Many firms realise that their business development needs enhanced focus – but do not have the right person in place at the moment to plan and drive that activity.

We help by offering:

  • Senior input from people who have done exactly this within similar firms as interim consultants
  • Dedication to driving the focused activity; without distraction from other initiatives and politics
  • Senior enough to win credibility with even cynical partners, yet not too proud to roll their sleeves up and deliver

What happens in practice?

Exact input will change according to your firm’s situation and culture – but typically we will help with the following:

  • Interim support for maternity cover, personnel changes or simply a one off project
  • Selecting where greatest gains can be made using an objective and financially rigorous approach
  • Motivating the Partners and fee-earners who will be involved
  • Defining your offer and advantage to that client or market sector
  • Creating short practical plans that draw from the strategy for each focus area – to detail what needs to be delivered by whom
  • Briefing key people about their roles, responsibilities and timelines – and supporting their activity
  • Ensure that momentum is sustained even when key individuals become busy by stepping into the breach and ensuring robust reporting in writing and in person
  • Clarification of your firm’s method for building relationships, winning tenders and ensuring good client understanding


The law, accountancy and consultancy firms that we do this additional support or interim work for enjoy the following benefits;

  • Increased profit (often 300% +) from critical clients and sectors
  • A much more commercial mind-set from key people
  • Higher client satisfaction
  • A proven successful method that can then be rolled out to other clients and markets

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