Environmental, social and governance (ESG) activity is front page news – and rightly so.  Clients and employees want to understand what your firm is doing before they commit to you.   

We see firms doing a lot more on ESG, but there is a definite lag when it comes to how they are communicating it. We can help bring your ESG messages to life.

It is vital to ensure you are communicating your environmental, social and governance commitments (internally and externally) in a clear, compelling and joined up way.

Your team need to be comfortable communicating with clients via emails, phone calls and meetings. They also need to have the most up-to-date information around your firm’s ESG activity and, more importantly, they need to understand it and its relevance. This is true throughout the client journey; from proposals, to pitches and follow up.

“83 percent of C-suite leaders and investment professionals say they expect that ESG programs will contribute more shareholder value in five years than today.”

McKinsey’s Global Survey

Flexible support

We can support you in navigating the complexities of communicating your ESG efforts to clients and colleagues – whilst ensuring that you are providing proof and staying true to your word.

This can be achieved across a variety of activity, including:

  • Written communications: writing SEO-friendly ESG content, as well as proof reading and editing your existing ESG communications (across website pages, brochures, LinkedIn bios and more).
  • Face-to-face communications: preparing your team for in person and video call pitches and a variety of meetings (from coffee meetups, to board room reviews) by ensuring that they understand and can confidently communicate your ESG credentials in a range of scenarios.
  • Planning: creating content plans based around your ESG strategy and assisting with implementation (including suggestions and timescales).
  • Market research & intelligence: carrying out competitor analysis around your ESG communications to highlight any potential gaps, as well as sounding out your clients’ wants around related matters.
  • Data: building and refining relevant data, enabling distribution of your ESG communications to the right people.
  • Reporting: supporting you in the creation of documentation, including sustainability reports and other key sustainability disclosures.
  • Networking: providing opportunities for you to meet with peers and clients who are focussed on ESG.
  • Sustainable marketing: ensuring your firm is marketing ethically and fairly (in accordance with relevant guidance, including the Green Claims Code).

ESG communications review

As a starting point, we can offer comprehensive ESG comms review to provide you with a snapshot of where you are in comparison to others in the market. This highlights areas for improvement across your written communications (including website copy and proposal documents), with clear goals and guidance to help you achieve your targets efficiently, accurately and authentically. Get in touch for more information.

How we’ve helped others

Refocusing an international, full-service law firm’s website

We helped an international firm gain a digital platform that represented their ethos accurately across 95 pages of tailored, digestible and engaging copy. This made them stand out against competing firms in key areas, such as recruitment and diversity.


Helping an offshore firm better understand their client needs

The feedback from our client listening activity identified many positives for the firm, including a number of immediate opportunities to strengthen relationships. It also helped capture what is most important to clients, what differentiates Collas Crill and potential areas for development, all of which represent valuable input for the firm as it embarks on the development of its key account management programme.

Our ESG efforts

We are committed to being a responsible business and we’re constantly thinking about our impact across planet, people and profit. Part of this involves being open to change so, if you have any ideas about how we can do things better, please do let us know.

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